Get To Know the Makers

Have you ever been in a room and feel like your mind does not stop. You continuously check your phone or think of tasks you have yet to complete. Skimming through your pinterest boards and reminiscing at the craftohalic you use to be before the real world demanded so much of you. You tend to spend more time "connecting" on social media than actually seeing your friends and family. Does this sound familiar at all ?
Believe me there are a lot of us. We become mother's , business owners, employees, wives, and just plain tired. It starts to become a hassle to take a trip to the craft store in the middle of the week to buy craft supplies you may only get to use once , while still fulfilling daily expectations that seem far more important than a simple project. Slowly the crafting stops because we are just too busy. By this point you are definitely in need of some real " Craft-Therapy" and "Me-Time" .
However most rural communities have limited choices in "Craft-Night-Out" services. Most locations are 40 minutes to and hour away and are only held on specific nights of the week with very limited time slots. which can be very discouraging for a working woman or full time mom to even attempt. Those that are in the community are mostly monthly events that book up fairly quickly .
By offering private parties and weekly public shops we offer an outlet for these crafty women who need to step out and destress in ways that only creating something beautiful can do for them . When these people can share in their love of crafting with family and friends it becomes a deeper and more fulfilling experience. We offer a moment in time that becomes a memory of true connection .
We will offer a weekly wood and paint project with in a relaxed atmosphere whether it is one of our in-home parties or public events. Offering people a place to wind down and focus on creation rather than the stresses of everyday life. It's an activity that takes the focus away from the constant motion of the world and allows us to reconnect with family and friends on a level that can not be experienced through the mudle of our busy days.
 As we reach different milestones and seasons in our lives it is easy to get caught up in the fast pace life we lead and forget to carve out time to create moments. By offering an event that creates a reason to stop and take a breath Bethel Crafts encourages us to cultivate connection, which is missing in our new tech and social media driven days .
Bethel Crafts offers the escape from "Being Connected" and invites people to share in experiences together, while taking home quality handmade items as a memory of a great night.
 By continuously creating signs ourselves, we will be able to bring new techniques for classes and amazing products for those who wish to purchase pre-made decor for their own homes or as gifts for family and friends.
 This Mamma run small business is truly being built for enjoying the human experience! Our future goals include giving back to the community in way of scholarships for entrepreneurs, internships and job opportunities. As this company grows I hope to manifest the true meaning of connection and creation within the community !
Maria R.